Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Flipped Classroom : Education Next

The Flipped Classroom : Education Next

Teachers around the country and have been using digital lessons from the Khan Academy for their students. The Khan Academy is on a mission to provide a free world-class education to anyone anywhere. The library of videos covers k-12 math, science topics and even some finance and history. The lessons are about 10 minutes long and especially purposed for viewing on the computer.

This is a great way for parents to get involved too.  Parents can get the lesson and help their child understand.

By the way, I made my own flipped lesson.  My results surprised me.  Most students watched the video I posted online of me teaching Spanish stem-changing verbs but most of the weaker students didn't.  I even gave them a few days to watch before I delved into practice.

I made another one and I got similar results.  I think I know what I must try.  I'm going to try to have a student give the lesson.  Someone students might want to see, as opposed to their teacher!  I'll report back with results!